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High Speed Electronic Chop Saw
The HSEC (High Speec Electronic Chopsaw) represents a revolutionary step forward in high speed timber processing. As opposed to the traditional bump stop/gate method of determining log lenght, the HSEC uses CNC controls to accurately control log length within +/- 1/4" of desired log length. Using the HSEC, it is possible to optimally cut in excess of 7,000 linear feet of timber within an 8 hour shift.

When combined with our log sorting system, the HSEC allows a single operator to efficiently and quickly merchandise tree length material for the optimal wood product solutions.
Log Sorting System
Available standard in 14 bays, with the ability to be customized to any number of required bays, the log sorting system features contactless, electronic log diameter scanning and sorting. Coupled in conjunction with the HSEC, the log sorting system allows raw material to be classified and tallied by diameter, allowing the optimal sawing solution based on diameter class to be determined.

With automated data collection on average log diameter, length and size, the log sorting system creates data records that represent inventory quantities as well as establishing a small log solution metric for your wood products in an automated high speed process.
High Speed Single Pass Sawmill
The HSES is a permanently installed sawmill system with cant capability up to 10" diameter material. With the patented single pass process, raw dimensional lumber can be produced at a high rate of speed. Combined with pre-sorted diameter class timber, optimal sawing solutions can be obtained with minimal configuration.
Trim Saws
PSSI designs trim saws for high speed and ease of maintenance. These saws, when combined with our long infeed, outfee or board processing equipment, represent a high speed, large capacity solution to your inline saw solution problems.
Post & Pole
For manufacturers of post and pole timber products, PSSI engineers and designs a whole series of pointer/capper, tenoning and drilling equipment. This offers the ability to maximize production and efficieny that is critical to profitability of the small post & pole manufacturer.
The Portable Precision Sawmill
The Portable Precision Sawmill represents the ultimate in single pass, high speed timber processing. As the original product that began the development of small log solutions, the Portable Precision Sawmill features a modular design for ease of portability.

The patented single pass design saw accurate dimension lumber in a quick easy process, and can be equiped with automatic slab firewood shear and optional sawdust waste conveyor.
Log Handling
Whether it is infeed, outfeed, log kickers or board unscramblers, PSSI can design and engineer the log handling solutions for your location that are both robust and efficient.
Angle Boring Machine
The Angle Boring Machine is a highly configurable hole boring system for post and pole operations. Featuring a pneumatic material clamping system and the ability to drill holes up to 4" in diameter at compound angles, the ABM represents a unique tool that is vastly adaptable to the needs of wood furniture manufacturers.
The MegaDrill features a unique design allowing for the simultaneous drilling of up to 4" diameter holes in post material for post & pole wood product production.
Pointer / Capper
Pointing and capping operations for post & pole material are automated and done with redced man power utilizing the Pointer / Capper system from PSSI.

With the ability to shape material up to 6" in diameter, the Pointer / Capper represnts a revolution in automating this part of the process of post and pole materials.
Tenoning Systems
PSSI builds a wide range of auto tenoning systems for the post and pole industry.

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