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Quality Statement

Precision Sawmill Systems, Inc. recognizes that value, satisfaction, and preference are influenced by many factors throughout the customers purchase, ownership, and service experience. Our concept of quality includes not only product and serviceability characteristics that meet our customer's basic requirements, but also those characteristics that enhance and differentiate them from their competitors.

Our success requires more than defect reduction, meeting specifications, and reducing complaints. Toward this end, we focus on the following aspects of quality management:

  • Clear concise documentation and communication
  • Stringent control on vendor selection
  • A rigid engeering change notice process that ensure customers receive accurate drawings that actually match the equipment they've purchased
  • Final set up and test of the equipment
  • On-site start-up support
  • Continuous oversight of the manufacturing process
  • Technology that is current, simple, and recognizes the "real world" operating environment

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