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About Us
Precision Sawmill Systems, Inc. (PSSI) is a Montana Corporation, originally incorporated in 1984. Prior to 1984, the company was incorporated in 1974 as Precision Lumber Company.

The company (Precision Lumber Company) began in 1974 with the objective of finding an effective means to cut small trees into lumber in an efficient manner.

The founders, Mr. Peter Martin and his wife, Christine, conceived, designed and built the first single pass sawmill which proved to be a commercial success.

In the early 80's, Precision Lumber Company, which at the time was involved in logging, milling, and establishing a planing mill, recognized the growing significance of the single pass sawmill concept which had by now undergone several enhancements.

In October of 1980, Mr. Martin was awarded US patent number 4228708, Portable Sawmill. The company refocused its efforts toward manufacturing and selling the Single Pass Sawmill concept and subsequently reorganized as Precision Sawmill Systems, Inc. (1984)

PSSI produces its equipment in an efficient manufacturing and engineering facility located in Superior, Montana. Low overhead, talented local labor force, product superiority and early marketplace entry successes have enabled PSSI to emerge as a leader in this growing industry segment.

Installations are in place throughout the Northwester US, Western Canada, and as far away as Tanzania, Africa and Costa Rica. Recent efforts have moved PSSI into a competitive postion in the growing Southeastern US marketplace. PSSI's permier installation in Madison, Virginia is indicative of the company's growing presence in this area.

In early 2000, Mr. Martin, recognizing the need for additional management attention to the market and grow the business to new levels, sold the business to Mr. Gerald J. McConnell and his wife, Karen. Mr. McConnell had an extensive and successful background in a variety of growth businesses. His expertise and investment, combined with Mr. Martin's continued participation in the business helped to move PSSI into a new level of success.

Beginning in 2005, Mr. Steve Freeman, long time employee purchased PSSI from Mr. McConnell. With Mr. Martin's continued involvement, Mr. Freeman continues the productive tradition of Precission Sawmill Systems, Inc.

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